Right Hand/Left Hand Aluminum Gutter Stop End

Right Hand/Left Hand Aluminum Gutter Stop End

The following is an introduction for Right Hand/Left Hand Aluminum Gutter Stop End.we hope to help you better understand the high quality custom nuts. Please feel free to send the specifications or drawings for the Aluminum Gutter Stop End you are looking for. Every request from customers would be replied within 12 hours.

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 As professional manufacture for metal gutter parts, we are dedicated to providing Aluminum Gutter Stop End with aluminum material and painted to different colors to meet the requirements of specific project. Design service and fast delivery service are provided.
Peak Fasten Technologies is a leading supplier and solution provider for gutter system solution to the global market since 2009. We aim to replace the gutter stop end with aluminum material which is eco-friendly and endurable. We look forward to becoming your long-term partner.

Product Introduction

This Right Hand/Left Hand Aluminum Gutter Stop End are used as the end pieces of the gutter. It is generally made of PVC material which is not eco-friendly. To solve this issue, Peak Fasten successfully developed aluminum gutter end caps by plenty attempts and tests. The dimension can be standard size in the market or designed base on each individual project or market. They are becoming more and more popular with advantages like eco-friendly, endurable with metal base, easier to install etc.

Product Specification

Item Aluminum Gutter Stop End
Country of origin Shenzhen,Guangdong
Brand Peak Fasten or OEM
Processing raw materials Aluminum 6061 or Al 6063.
Size Standard sizes or base on customer drawing
Packing Wooden box for Bulk goods; bubble pack with wooden box for Precision packaging; Pallet

Product Feature And Application

A. Eco-friendly with Rohs compliant to replace traditional PVC material.
B. Long endurance with metal base and proper designed structure.
C. Easy to install with slots slide onto the gutter directly
D. Design service provided to meet specific application
E. OEM manufacturing base on customer drawing available.

Product Details

Packaging For Gutter Stop End:
Cotton Bag+5 Layer Cartons+Pallet

Why Choose Us:
1. Professional Engineers and Technique Support to provide strong backup to provide solution to bottleneck problems in the industry
2. Completed Team Layout from one-to-one account manager, technique support, R&D engineers, mold designers to QC engineers to serve you fully and efficiently
3. Professional and individual logistic solution are provided to fulfill customer demand for complex shipping requirement.
4. Regular Stock for most frequently used materials to guarantee stable cost and quick delivery for the gutter stop end

Global Market Presence

SGlobal Market Presence

About Us:
Shenzhen Peak Fasten Technologies Co., Ltd is a leading supplier and solution provider for Fastening&Connection solutions to the global market since 2009. Headquartered in one of the most dynamic and innovative city Shenzhen, we are dedicated to satisfying our customers with high precision and reliable quality to ensure that every customer can feel comfortable and confident with our goods in their applications.
Together with two manufacturing centers in inland China, we are keeping competitive and setting standards in the industry. North America, Europe and Asia-pacific region is our main geographical market area. Peak Fasten produces blank headed bolt in a wide variety of head styles and materials that can be threaded quickly to expedite delivery for rush orders.
Peak Fasten’s equipment list includes hot forge upsetting and vertical presses, rolled and cut threading equipment, CNC lathes, vertical and horizontal benders, and various other specialized pieces of equipment. We are joined by over 100 professional staffs with a completed team from R&D engineers, production engineers, material engineers, quality engineers etc to precisely fulfill customer project requirements. Our well-trained representatives are aware and taking care of every customer concern all the time in 24 hours.

We have been providing our customers with solutions to the challenges they face in filed like Aerospace, Automotive, Communication, Electronics, Home Garden, Entertainments&Hobbies etc. We are also working with custom fasteners&hardware wholesale like Fastenal, McMaster-Carr, Wurth group etc and deeply involved in their VMI plans to save their supply chain cost and improve their turnaround efficient every year. We work with small to medium size OEM’s and take orders of any size. Peak Fasten prides itself in serving these markets with a focus on satisfying individual client’s needs and requirements.

Over the last 10 years, we’ve preserved our status as a go-to source for quick turnaround deliveries and TS registered quality that continuously exceeds our customers’ expectations. Today, we are enhancing our partnerships with customers and together we are leading trends for conducting business in the ever-changing market.

If you have any query for aluminum gutter stop end or other gutter parts, please feel free to contact Peak Fasten via email sales@peakfasten.com or make a quick phone call at 0086 13027998452  

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