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Shenzhen Peak Fasten Technologies Co., Ltd is a leading supplier and solution provider for Fastening&Connection solutions to the global market since 2009. Headquartered in one of the most dynamic and innovative city Shenzhen, we are dedicated to satisfying our customers with high precision and reliable quality to ensure that every customer can feel comfortable and confident with our goods in their applications. Our mainly products include specialty fasteners, high precision parts, electronics enclosure cases, hobbies DIY parts, vehicle DIY parts, anti-theft nuts&bolts etc.

Together with two manufacturing centers in inland China, we are keeping competitive and setting standards in the industry. North America, Europe and Asia-pacific region is our main geographical market area. Peak Fasten is dedicated in satisfying our partners from various industries with best proper solutions and listen attentively attitude.

Peak Fasten’s production equipment includes hot forge upsetting and vertical presses, rolled and cut threading equipment, CNC lathes, vertical and horizontal benders, and various other specialized pieces of equipment. We are joined by over 100 professional staffs with a completed team from R&D engineers, production engineers, material engineers, quality engineers etc to precisely fulfill customer project requirements. Our well-trained representatives are aware and taking care of every customer concern all the time in 24 hours.

We have been providing our customers with solutions to the challenges they face in filed like Aerospace, Automotive, Communication, Electronics, Home Garden, Entertainments&Hobbies etc. We are also working with custom fasteners&hardware wholesalers like Fastenal, McMaster-Carr, Wurth group etc and deeply involved in their VMI plans to save their supply chain cost and improve their turnaround efficient every year. We work with small to medium size OEM’s and take orders of any size. Peak Fasten prides itself in serving these markets with a focus on satisfying individual client’s needs and requirements.

Company History

Notable Moments in Our History

2009    Peak Fasten first facility with 2000 square meters founded in Huizhou, China.

2010    Our Featured items: Auto/Moto Security bolts/nuts push to the market and are widely recognized.

2013    Peak Fasten set up the second facility to enhance the capability and complete product line.

2015    Peak Fasten moved its manufacturing headquarters to Dongguan, Guangdong province.

2016    Quality team has been separated out as QC Department and Obtained certificate ISO 9001- 2015.

2019    On its 10th anniversary, Peak Fasten issue series like P-Lock, P-Pin, P-Nuts etc to provide solution to different industries.

2020   Peak Fasten moved its sales&marketing center to ShenZhen to be closer to international customers and attract more global talents.

2021    A completed threaded fasteners supply system formed with 2 manufacturing centers and over 60 strategic partners through the whole fasteners&hardware industrial chain.


  • Which material has better rust-resistant performance between 304 stainless steel and 316 stainless steel
    The materials 304 stainless steel and 316 stainless steel have differences in their properties. 304 stainless steel contains an average of 9% nickel, while 316 stainless steel contains an average of 12% nickel.Nickel in metal materials can enhance high-temperature durability, improve mechanical properties, and increase resistance to oxidation. Therefore, the nickel content directly impacts the overall performance of the material.Due to the lower nickel content in 304 stainless steel compared to 316 SS steel, with 316 containing approximately 3% more nickel, as well as about 2% more molybdenum, 316 outperforms 304 in both corrosion resistance and overall mechanical properties. This is particularly evident in its rust-resistant performance.
  • Which material&surface treatment are generally applied in fasteners as bolts nuts and metal parts?
    Carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum are widely used on these parts. Some parts like in sport or medical industry, titanium is applied to meet special requirement. As for surface finish, it varies by the materials, for example Finish for carbon steel: Zinc Plate, Copper Plate, Dacromet etc. Finish for stainless steel: Mirror, Polish, Geomate, Black Oxide etc. Aluminum: Anodizing (Any color base on RAL available) Copper: Polish, Sn Plate etc.
  • How to choose good hardware suppliers in China?
    There‘re numerous hardware suppliers in China. Generally, they separates in three areas, that is Hebei Province, Zhejiang Province and Guangdong Province. Suppliers from Hebei mainly deal with standard parts, Suppliers in Zhejiang deal with both standard and nonstandard parts, and suppliers from Guangdong mainly deal with customized items. To make a conclusion, suppliers from Guangdong provide the most high quality and high precision parts in China. Zhejiang suppliers has little experience to handle specialty fasteners projects. Hebei supplier prefer to handle with mass standard parts.Shenzhen Peak Fasten Technologies has an technique experience of over 15 years with professional staffs to provide every client point to point service regarding specialty parts and hard to find fasteners. That‘s why we are known and leading the customized fastenerss and precision parts industry.
  • How to test plate quality and rust-resistance property of the galvanized parts?
    Generally, salt spray test is adopted to test the surface finish quality and anti-corrosion property of galvanized parts. It includes NSS Test, ASS Test, CASS Test etc.Salt Spray test result varies from a few hours to over 1000 hours depend on the specific application and industries needs.
  • How to cooperate or ask for help from Peak Fasten?
    A print or an estimate usage of the parts you need is enough for us to start a plan. It’s nice to have details like material, size, quantity/year plan for them if available.
  • How is our parts’ quality to be controlled?
    First of all, Peak Fasten has pass ISO9001-2008 quality system. And now we are planning to obtain TS16949 (one of the most strict quality system for automotive industry. In practical works, all details of the parts are strictly checked according to QC Engineering Date Sheet then Finished Item Report will be done to show the result.
  • How about the package and logistics.
    Generally, the finished fasteners or precision parts are packed by poly bags then cartons and at last on pallets; To pack as client’s special requirement available. As for logistics, we have over 9 years exporting experience with a systematic logistic systems that ensure fast and cost-efficient.
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