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Metal Parrot Toys

Peak Fasten Tech is a professional Metal Parrot Toys manufacturers and solution provider in China. We have specialized in Parrot Toys like Parrot Foraging Toys, Parrot Mind Trainning Toys, Parrot Foot Toys, Parrot Play Stand, Parrot Travel Cages and related parts for over 10 years. They are generally used as parts for parrot foraging, parrot mind training, parrot playing, parrot outdoor activites etc.
Normal Parrot Toys are mostly made with wood, hemp rope, plastic etc which are boring and easy to be broken, to improve the situation and take more fun to bird lovers, Peak Fasten decided to make metal parrot toys for global market since 2010. We have successfully push some popular metal toys to the market like parrot foraging spinner, magic tunnel for foot, parrot spiral box, parrot tavel cages etc. We can also design and develop new metal toys with customers to fit their market. Every parrot metal toys from Peak Fasten are of high quality, high strength and safe for birds. 
What are the advantages of to work with us on Metal Parrot Toys? First of all, Professional Engineers and Technique Support to provide strong backup to provide solution to bottleneck problems in the industry. Secondly, there is a completed Team layout from sales representative, technique support, R&D engineers, mold designers to QC engineers to serve you fully and efficiently. Last but not least,  we have a Comprehensive Knowledge and Resource for Vehicle Anti-theft&DIY parts working process (Cold/Hot Forming, CNC lathe, Stamping etc) and surface finish (Zinc, Nickle, Anodizing etc)  to make sure the most proper and cost-effective solutions are always provided 
Our Parrot Toys are popular and highly praised by our dealers and end users. We are supplying Vehicle Anti-theft&DIY parts to partners in over 50 countries and have long term relationships with our partners from Europe, The U.S, Southeast Asia, Japan etc.
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