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Electronics Enclosures

Peak Fasten Tech is a professional Electronics Enclosure Cases manufacturers and solution provider in China. We have been specialized in provide Electronics Enclosure Cases for over 10 years. 

According to the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA), an electrical enclosure or electronic enclosure is a “cabinet or box that protects electrical or electronic equipment,” effectively preventing or reducing the risk of electrical shock. These enclosures are typically made from metals like stainless steel and aluminum, but rigid plastics can be used as well.Peak Fasten Tech is a leading manufacturer of electronics enclosures and industrial enclosures for a variety of applications. We provide a wide range of enclosures : Handheld enclosure, Aluminium enclosure, Die casting aluminium box, Stainless steel box, IP67 waterproof enclosure, Junction box, 19"rack mount enclosure, etc… We also provide customization services, such as CNC machining, Laser cutting, Ink-jet printing, and Overlay sheet manufacturing, among others.

Available from 1 unit onwards with a short lead-time, we can assist you with the creation of your original design. Peak Fasten Tech is a professional custom electronic enclosure manufacturer and will work with you to design the perfect product for your application.

We will always choose the best and most cost-effective solutions for our partners base on practical situation of each project. All threaded will pass 6G or 6H thread standard which will pass Go Gauge/No Go Gauge test and all holes will be made within ±0.0.3 mm tolerance for smoothly assembling with the keys. The parts will shown in fine&smooth surface without burrs or scratches. We are able to provide material data cert, mechanical properties report, MSDS sheet, inspection report or other reports/certs upon customer requirement for all the electronic enclosure we supply.
What’s the advantages of to work with us on electronic enclosure project? First of all, Professional Engineers and Technique Support to provide strong backup to provide solution to bottleneck problems in the industry. Secondly, there is a completed Team layout from sales representative, technique support, R&D engineers, mold designers to QC engineers to serve you fully and efficiently. Last but not least,  we have a Comprehensive Knowledge and Resource for electronic enclosure working process (Cold/Hot Forming, CNC lathe, Stamping, Casting etc) and surface finish (Zinc, Nickle, Black, Anodizing, Magni, Dacromet, Teflon etc)  to make sure the most proper and cost-effective solutions are always provided 
Electronic enclosures are widely used in industries like automotive, electronics, Telecommunication, construction, aerospace, manufacturing etc. We are supplying electronic enclosures to partners in over 50 countries and have long term relationships with our partners from Europe, The U.S, Southeast Asia, South America etc.
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