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Peak Fasten Tech is a professional Custom Bolts manufacturers and solution provider in China. We have specialized in all kinds of custom bolts, like safety bolts, stainless steel bolts, titanium bolts, U bolts, Carriage Bolts and other non-standard bolts for over 10 years. 
Peak Fasten Tech are dedicated in developing and manufacturing of non -standard customized bolts.Unlike the standard bolts, before customizing non -standard bolts, what effect does the non -standard bolts achieve on the product, is it anti -demolition? Just tight? Or meet the appearance requirements of the product. Peak Fasten Tech has a professional engineering team that can give unique suggestions in technology and design. We will produce according to the design drawings of the customer, as well as related size specifications and requirements. Of course, if there are no drawings, our team can also help design non -standard bolts according to the actual situation of products or non -standard bolts that provide non -standard bolts After the drawing is designed, it will be opened and produced.
We will always choose the best and most cost-effective solutions for our partners base on practical situation of each project. All threaded bolts will pass 6G thread standard which will pass Go Gauge/No Go Gauge test. The parts will shown in fine&smooth surface without burrs or scratches. We are able to provide material data cert, mechanical properties report, MSDS sheet, PPAP3 or other reports/certs upon customer requirement for all the custom bolts we supply.
What’s the advantages of to work with us on specialty custom bolts project? First of all, Professional Engineers and Technique Support to provide strong backup to provide solution to bottleneck problems in the industry. Secondly, there is a completed Team layout from sales representative, technique support, R&D engineers, mold designers to QC engineers to serve you fully and efficiently. Last but not least,  we have a Comprehensive Knowledge and Resource for  custom bolts working process (Cold/Hot Forming, CNC lathe, Stamping, Casting etc) and surface finish (Zinc, Nickle, Black, Anodizing, Magni, Dacromet, Teflon etc)  to make sure the most proper and cost-effective solutions are always provided 
Custom bolts are widely used in industries like automotive, electronics, Telecommunication, construction, aerospace, manufacturing etc. We are supplying custom bolts to partners in over 50 countries and have long term relationships with our partners from Europe, The U.S, Southeast Asia, South America etc.

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